The soft spring sun rises over Mr. and Mrs. Yawn’s quaint cottage when a blaring, bleeping, blurping alarm clock screeches to life and awakes the peaceful couple.  As Mrs. Yawns berates her husband for having such a device, Mr. Yawns devises a brilliant idea to invent an alarm clock that won’t ring (“Each Morning I Wake”).  He heads to his workshop and is met by his young, eager assistant Marco. Together they build the new alarm clock that does not ring (“Just Think Of It Now”).  Upon finishing their masterpiece, Mr. Yawns decides he should take it to the only person who can determine if the clock is a success or a failure, the clockmaker—Herr Gradlingsinger of Switzerland, and he heads off to Switzerland.  Will the quiet clock bring Mr. Yawns fame and fortune or pure misery?  Find out on this journey with Mr. Yawns as he encounters Lumberjacks, Presidents, Villains and Villagers on his timely adventure.  With songs that will keep you humming and tapping away, you will be wide awake with excitement!

Jump into a fairy tale story of Mr. Yawns who wakes with a shock to his blaring, bleeping alarm clock. It pings and it pongs all day long in his head, so loud and so stabbing it could wake up the dead!  But Mr. Yawns is an amazing inventor who decides to solve his problem by inventing an alarm clock that does not ring.  That’s right, and alarm clock that does not ring!

This charming children’s musical has enchanting, yodeling melodies based on Swiss children’s songs, comical scenarios, and delightful rhyming characters!  Based on the children’s book, The Quiet Clock, by Britt Nichols this musical teaches lessons of honesty and character, as well as being entertaining and captivating.

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This Clock Will Change My Life

sung by Mike Longo, Morgan Smith, Matt Walsh & Courtney White

orchestrations by Doug Oberhamer